Supported Employment

Supported Employment Services

The Supported Employment program offers a variety of services. The goals of the Vocational Department include:

  • providing individual choice of employment opportunities.
  • enhancing or developing the employment skills of each member.
  • ensuring the greatest opportunity for success.
  • exploring a variety of options regarding returning to work.
  • providing assistance with benefit and entitlement planning.

A plan is tailored to meet each person's needs. Some of the services may also include short-term employment with a job coach or full time employment. We work with Michigan Works and Michigan Rehabilitation Services in order to provide the most help with resources, training, and job opportunities. Many consumers are successful in maintaining employment with the help of the Supported Employment program. They report a sense of accomplishment in earning money and an increase in self-esteem and confidence.

Job Club

Job Club is an optional group that consumers may attend. This group provides assistance in exploring job options, preparation for work, and learning skills related to job acquisition and retention. It also provides assistance with resume development, interviewing skills, and benefit information.

Resume Development

Individual assistance is provided to you from an employment specialist. You and the employment specialist work together to prepare a viable work resume. This procedure may entail gathering pertinent work history, determining references, and verifying necessary items for employment such as driver's license or state ID, social security card, certifications, and diplomas.

Job Searching

After the development of a resume, the employment specialist will assist you in learning how to look for work. These methods may include looking in local classified ads, responding to help wanted signs, use of community contacts, and through use of the internet.

Job Coaching

The involvement of the employment specialist does not end when you acquire a job. Job coaching is available to assist both you and the employer. A Job Coach can help you grasp the essential functions of the new job and help with integration into the new work environment.

Worker Support Group

Worker's Support is an optional group that meets weekly. These meetings provide on-going support, encouragement, and suggestions from other working consumers.

Benefit Guidance

Many members of LBS are receiving some form of social security or Department of Human Services benefits. The employment specialist will explain how work will affect your benefits and help you in learning how to report earnings.

Educational Exploration

In addition to the above services, you may also receive assistance with vocational planning. This may include a possible return to school, referral to the Michigan Supported Education Program, Michigan Rehabilitation Services, or Michigan Works.

Potential Employers

Has your company ever needed a position filled over and over again due to high employee turn-over? Is there a need your company has that has not been met due to a lack of qualified individuals? Do you have a position that is difficult to fill because the hours are too few and there are no benefits? We can help you meet your staffing goals.

We are employment specialists with a local human services organization and we assist people who are transitioning back into the workforce. Our goal is to help people develop high-quality, satisfying, functional lives by achieving their employment goals. Our employment placements can be part-time, full-time, or temporary. We provide job coaching, training, and staff support.

Your business is benefited by hiring a competent, eager, and trained employee while providing our participants with an opportunity to gain or increase their valuable work experience and build a verifiable work history. Your business may also benefit from receiving a Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC).

Benefits for the Employer

Due to the nature of our employment placement, you are given specific guarantees to ensure your satisfaction with this program.

These guarantees include:

  • pre-screened employees
  • job coaching
  • no additional cost for the employer
  • positive community involvement

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