Fairweather Lodge Program

The Fairweather Lodge program is an innovative psychosocial rehabilitation program that serves chronically mentally ill adults. The program philosophy is based on Dr. Fairweather’s principals of a group of discharged psychiatric patients living in a home and working together in a community setting.

The Fairweather Lodge program provides the social and vocational support necessary to empower and rehabilitate mental health consumers who do not demonstrate the ability to live or work independently for sustained periods of time without repeated psychiatric hospitalizations. The lodge program provides semi-independent living with structure and limits that one would not receive living independently. At the same time, the program encourages increasing independence and autonomy of the group, as well as the individual, in both the community and the business/work component of the program. Work skills are developed and/or enhanced through the operation of a small business. The ultimate goal of the Fairweather program is to increase consumers’ levels of functioning in the community to such an extent that members will be able to pursue independent living and become an active part of the workforce.

Members are responsible for all aspects of their lodge home, including cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, bill paying, and outside maintenance, etc., with the help of staff as needed.

Members of the Fairweather program own and operate their own business. Members of Wellesley Lodge (all female) and Bingham Lodge (all male) work together. These Lodges own and operate Fantastic Janitorial, Inc,. with janitoral service contracts at several private and state sites. Members work in crews of 4 to 6 people, traveling to various sites to complete cleaning services. They work with job coaches, supervisors and/or consumer crew chiefs. Members currently hold positions of van drivers, crew members, crew chiefs, and are responsible for all aspects of their contracts. Members currently work part-time and receive a paycheck for the hours that they work. Members also serve on committees for their business, assisting with acquiring new contract sites, supplies, van maintenance as well as administering payroll checks and the paying of state and federal taxes. Members within the Fairweather Lodge program are associated with and supported by Lincoln Behavioral Services. Fairweather maintains 2 lodges within the Dearborn area, accommodating up to 6 members in each lodge. Members pay monthly lodging, which includes rent, food, and utilities. All lodges are located near bus routes, banks, shopping centers, pharmacies, and other amenities. Lodges are staffed on a 9 to 5 basis during the work week and have staff available by pager during the evening and the weekends.