Lincoln Behavioral Services Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Program

The Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) program provides a diverse, integrated set of services in the community to eligible consumers with severe and persistent mental illnesses who have serious deficits in daily living, employment, interpersonal relationships, and social skills, and who are at risk of psychiatric hospitalization. Many of these persons have never participated in traditional community mental health programs or have not benefitted from such participation. The focus of the ACT Program is to assist consumers in reducing hospital utilization while developing skills to increase independence, goal achievement, and personal growth.

The ACT program serves adults who have had numerous psychiatric hospitalizations or are at risk of hospitalization and who have great difficulty in meeting the demands of daily living. ACT staff works as a multidisciplinary team by visiting the consumer at home and in the community. The Team consists of clinicians, peer support specialists, registered nurses, psychiatrists, and support staff. With a team approach, we are better able to meet the different needs of each ACT consumer.

The team approach also provides consistency in the provision of services with no gaps in treatment.

Each consumer is seen in the community an average of 2-3 times per week by a member of the ACT Team. Through participation in the ACT program, consumers continue to achieve greater independence, as evidenced by increased employment, education, and community involvement.

The ACT program philosophy is based on a Recovery Model that includes IDDT, symptom management, and connectedness. In the Recovery Model, the relationship between staff and the recipients of services is one of partnership and coordination within the resources of the mental health delivery system and the community at large. The values, needs, and preferences of recipients of services are respected and honored. The goal of the program is to provide evidence-based care and to help facilitate self-management of mental and substance use conditions consistent with the preferences of the individual.

The Assertive Community Treatment program has two sites, one in Redford and one in Plymouth. Consumers and families are primarily seen in their homes, at other community agencies, and in other community settings.

What can the Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Program offer you?

  • 24-Hour Assistance
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Social Skills Training
  • Co-Occurring Groups
  • DBT Individual and Group Therapy
  • Assistance with Community Resources
  • Psychiatric Care
  • Nursing
  • Peer Support
  • Coordination with your doctor to address your physical health needs