Gathering Place Clubhouse is the psychosocial rehabilitation program of Lincoln Behavioral Services.

The clubhouse program is based on the principle of supportive relationships and real choices for consumers of mental health services. Gathering Place is accredited by Clubhouse International and CARF. The Clubhouse is an active member of the Clubhouse Michigan Steering Committee.

The Clubhouse provides experiences which enhance each member's ability to function in the community and decreases the need for hospitalization. Members are continuously encouraged to assume productive roles in both the Clubhouse and the community, while their practical needs are addressed.

The Gathering Place Clubhouse is organized into two units, including administrative services and food services. Each unit is responsible for tasks and goals specialized for that unit. Larger Clubhouse tasks are shared among the units, and members and staff work together to complete all necessary Clubhouse tasks each day. Transitional employment placements are another aspect of the Clubhouse experience. Clubhouse members are given opportunities to begin paid employment in a supportive environment that fosters confidence and independence.

Goals of the Clubhouse program are to improve the member's self-esteem, to increase socialization and recreational resources, and to enhance independence and job skills. These goals are accomplished through consumer engagement and side by side work of members and staff, and commitment to follow the Clubhouse International Standards.