Residential Services

The residential services program provides case management services to consumers residing in adult foster care homes.

These homes may be licensed as either a general or a specialized home. Case management is provided in the AFC home, at the agency or in the community. Clinical staff and the AFC home staff work together with the consumer to develop and monitor the person-centered plan, address any physical health needs and coordinate all treatment services. Whenever possible, consumers are assisted in developing the supports and skills necessary to move to a less restrictive environment.

The residential program’s philosophy is to increase consumer independence by providing support, guidance, skill building and linking and coordinating to community services. The primary goals of the Residential Case Management program include the following:

  1. To encourage consumers to utilize community resources and supports to develop skills to increase independence and community integration.
  2. Provide consumers residing in AFC homes opportunities and choices for other independent living arrangements by working with the case manager, housing program or other community resources.
  3. To increase consumer independence through the person-centered planning process.
  4. To maintain relationships with providers, home staff, DWMHA staff, and other community agencies while increasing our knowledge of and relationships with community resources.
  5. To reduce hospital and emergency services utilization.

Placement in a specialized AFC home is authorized through the DWMHA. The DWMHA maintains contractual agreements with the AFC home providers regarding consumer placement. Through this contracting process, the DWMHA monitors the AFC home to ensure that it has a current license, maintains licensing standards at all times, and has the appropriate resources to meet the consumer’s needs. Placement in a general AFC home does not require authorization and is often secured through family members, community resources and coordination with the assigned case manager. All AFC homes have periodic inspections by the Detroit Wayne County Mental Health Authority’s (DWMHA) Office of Recipient Rights and licensing to ensure that the consumer’s rights are protected.